Flip The Right Way

From rags to riches! This house was transformed from head to toe!  Mr. John was fighting a timeline and the weather to flip his investment.  Mystique came to the rescue, completeing the entire exterior  before it was to cold or the weather caused delays (which can cost money to an investor trying to have the house listed ASAP). The next biggest chanllenge was to add a second bathroom with out taking up to much space between  two bedrooms  all while upholding buildging codes. We not only added a bath, we added a full bath! Overall, everything inside was remodeled removing walls and adding walls and we are proud to say within the time frame requested by the client.  Thank you, John and Tina for trusting us with your investment and being part of the amazing outcome!


This project was completed in 5 days! Water Damage Repair,  Paint for (3) Floors and (2) Decks. A Total Make Over! We are proud to report,  The family recieved 8 offers and the house was sold 2 days later. Exactly One week from calling us! We helped this amazing family secure their dream home, by selling their old home within ten days of placing an offer on their forever home- or the offer would have been rejected. This family sticks together and showed us how a family unit can make a difference to go after their dreams. We were given full control to change what was neccessary to bring this house back to life. It was our pleasure!!! Spencer enjoy the golf balls. 


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