Flat Roofs

This awesome and classy couple, John and Monica, had a waterfall coming through the roof of their garage.  Black mold was growing, the flat roof above had failed.  Needless to say, this was not the effect they were looking for!  We removed all damaged areas starting with the garage ceiling and immediately implemented a mold remidiation treatment.  The project quickly grew into a complete demolition of the roof structure and deck above.  There was an overhead structure that had to be supported during the entire reconstruction process, as well.   We were pleased to deliver a  waterproof sound structure- restoring  faith that mother nature would stay outside,  where it's most enjoyed. For a touch of style, a new deck floor was installed to rejuvenate the area's eye candy and relaxing experience.

Water entering into your home can quickly turn your biggest investment upside down. The amount of damaged caused overtime can amount to alot creating a snowball effect leaving you with a money pit. Lets not forget a roof leaks best friend, "MOLD" which can lead to major health issues. Mystique was called in to repair this rubber roof for a lovely grandmother whos family room was starting to be destroyed by water damage. This roof was repaired and failed. We have found repairing a rubber roof can be more of a bandaid, giving a fasle sense of security. At Mystique we double up and take no risks, protecting your investment and family!   

When you hire the lowest bidder or even worst a weekend worrier you could risk ending up with a structure and roof, not built to code and being unsafe. Risking safety and ruining your home, you are basically gambling with yours homes equity an value.  Ultimate protection is the reason you should only hire a professional. Mystque adds value back into homes eliminating the risk an restoring the value an security that you deserve. 

Pitched Roofs

We can offer a new roof within 2 days.  Rain or water period, entering a home is the biggest factor to damage weakening the structural elements, that keep the roof from caving in. It starts with water finding the path of least resistance, guided by gravity. We have all seen the yellow stain on the ceiling. An indicator- mold could be growing or will b depending on how fast it dries.  The second most common mistake, having false sense of security that a repair can reslove your issues. When doing a repair you always run the risk of pushing water to a different existing weak area that also has a low point. This too will soon start another stain in  time but a different location. We call this pushing water around with a bandaid fix not offering a total solution. Call us to see the total solutions that we offer!

Overhang Enclosure

What an exciting and fun project to be apart of. The objective was to eliminate the existing rotted door, to weatherproof the basement and to preserve the existing foundation.  We quickly stepped up to the challenge. Once we met with Lori and Mike and went over their concerns; we came up with the idea of bringing the door outward eliminating the fish bowl. They met with others including Pella, however everyone suggested replacing the existing door with a custom size door. That would have been a band-aid not an overall solution. This is a perfect example of why contractors should think outside of the box and solve problems for their clients, while creating equity at the same time. We enjoyed the client's project and more importantly, them as people. Mystique delivered more than they had asked for, simply because the project needed it and we support good loving people.

Window Cut Out

Installing a 4 foot by 6 foot window into the dining area created an awesome view bringing the outside in. Adding light and scenery was the prefect prescription for this lovely home!

Decks & Landings

This porch was patched with tape and falling apart. A complete demo of the existing porch was necessary to bring back functionality and curb appeal to the entrance to this historic home. We altered the look to define the area, using compsite decking and vinyl rails. An extra stair was incorporated in the design phase to accomodate the owner's current needs. He recently had a stroke, so safety was a priority. Our designs don't just affect the cosmetic look and feel of your home, we deliver a feeling that you can live with, a smile!  We wish them the best.

 New rails and vinyl post covers were installed to the existing deck.  Say goodbye to rot and hello to style and added value to your home's equity. When we wrap up a job, it's worth more than the orginal investment- or we will not install it.  Every step we do adds VALUE, FUNCIONALITY, and last but not least HAPPINESS.  This is a family that I admire and it was a pleasure to work for. Until the owner's invited us over to play pool after completion and beat me everytime! 

WOW, very unsafe for the second story!  Looks like a simple fix-NO. Being a cantilever deck the floor joist extended into the family's home 12ft. This meant we needed to remove the entire living room floor to expose the floor joist in order to replace them.  Extending saftly outside allowing the family use of the balancy. A new hard wood floor and a pressure treated deck along with, flashing and the masonary work was enhaced to ensure water proofing for the apartment below.

Revamp your Deck with Paint or Stain or even transform it into a 3seasons porch.

Doors, Storm Doors, & Awnings 


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