What sets us apart from our competitors is that we will create a 3D video, displaying the job in accordance with your budget and wishes before the work begins. This allows for errors to be adjusted in the computer rather than in the field. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on painstaking design changes during the building process, the computerized design allows for easy editing, and the ability to focus our time on the actual work.


The Ocean Bathroom is our favorite one yet. We were given full control of all design elements. The theme was to be an ocean with rocks, this was the client's only request. Mystique designed a fully interative shower. All from your phone or better yet from Amazon Alexa, this bathroom wakes up and comes to life with your voice or a touch of a finger! The water controls and Sonos speakers, with a light show! This ultimate Dad has created a great life for his now grown, children. It's now time to treat himself to the finer things of life. Once you step into this Rock Star Bathroom the music sets the mood for the light show, with 16 million colors to delight your senses. Let the rain drops fall from the rain head above washing away the troubles of your day.  Please click on the You Tube Video to see the brief light show.

TWO bathrooms that are truly one of a kind; in a class of it's own.  Mystique brings forth luxury bathrooms at an affordable rate you simply cannot match this price tag. Our heart was behind every step in the creative process. Mystique created a marble experience by hand! Yes, this is a hand crafted marble effect that surrounds the shower walls, it is not stone. This is the only way to fit a bathroom.  Complimented by wainscoting and chair railing that opens into a lavish uplifting morning experience. Notice the rain head is controled by a digital touch pad! Thank you for allowing Mystique the honor and privilege to design this oasis for your family MR "R" & MRS "S"!  

The "spa-feel" shower and Roman tub are the showpieces in this bathroom which is like no other that you've seen. The unique ‚Äčopen-concept shower features a rain shower head which creates a Zen-like feel.  The Roman tub, positioned beneath the open-concept shower, fully captures the water from the shower, eliminating the need for a curtain or stall. The clean lines and absence of the traditional stall deliver an upgraded look and feel. The light fixture casts a shadow that can be customized to your desired design. One UNIQUE feature of this bathroom is the barn door style mirrors, which double as privacy screens for the window. The blend of fabrics enhance the texture pallet for the eyes, and the barn door style allows for easy transition between natural light and complete privacy. The gorgeous vessel sink breathes a visual fire that is extinguished by the dragon faucet. Part of the Mystique of this impressive room is the flooring and the wall material, which IS NOT tile.  It's our bold signature look: a waterproof material that holds room temperature. No more stepping out of the shower onto a freezing tile floor. There is actually no tile or stone in the room! That's  MYSTery combining with the unIQUE, achieving a conversation-piece room that will be the envy of your friends. 

When our unique style and design approach converges with tile, this is what you can expect to see. From the initial concept to the final product we exceeded the requests given to us. Our client entrusted us with total control to design to our creative vision. We take that trust very seriously and treat each project as if it was our child.

The stylish rain shower head has an added "mystery" feature: It lights up to the color temperature of the water, creating a visual aid to see if it's time to step into the open concept shower. The tub surround has a beautiful back splash blending seamlessly into our signature look. A custom sign was created for this project to add personalization, along with the Harley light shadow. This is a true man-cave, geared for total relaxation.


3D design to see your project before it begins.

All Partners that perform services are professional and deliver the same fare rates.

We offer a full line of products.  We use only components of known and proven suppliers. This enables us to stand behind our services.