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Our 3D Design + Build Process

Mystique's 4 Steps to Overall Home Remodeling Success

What makes Mystique successful its simple, 3D Designs are approved before building begins. This process has worked for each client extracting your vision and turning it into reality. We realize not everyone can picture the final build in their mind like the designer or contractor assigned to bringing your vision to life. Or Mystique's designer with create a functional, fresh, clean lines, and catered to your lifestyle. This break through has something to do with our FIVE STAR Rating and Outstanding Client Reviews! Clients come first and following these golden steps in the 3D Design + Build process is the key:

1. Introduction Meeting - Getting to Know Your Goals

What would it be like to sign off on a major build in your home, without first getting to know your remodeling contractors? At Mystique, we care deeply about your experience, from start to finish, and years afterward! That is why our process starts warm, welcome, and friendly:

  • The process begins with no cost or obligation.
  • We learn about you and your project, which means asking a lot of questions!
  • We don’t just try to understand your project goals, we find out why these goals exist in the first place.

During this initial phase, we’re able to see the heart of what you’re looking for and suggest a cost-effective solution while maintaining a creative edge. We will also spend time discussing how our 3D Design + Build process starts and how Mystery and Unique plays a role within design elements. We want you to walk away with clear expectations about the process before, during, and after construction. No surprises!

Finally, we will explain our 3D Design to you, which is our way of building a solid, mutual understanding of project scope and budget range, which allows us to continue the process of working together to create your vision moving forward towards completion. There is a small financial commitment on your part for the 3D Design, and this is paid in the form of a 3D Design fee.

This step takes one to two meetings to complete, depending on the type of project you choose. Once the 3D Design is approved and an is signed off containing all personal requests, an agreement will be created to start the building process.

2. Signing Building Agreement

Once we have reached a clear understanding of the details and price of your project, we begin signing agreements, which places your project on our production schedule. We determine:

  • What is the payment schedule?
  • What is the window of time we anticipate starting your project? What is the approximate duration of the construction?
  • During this phase, we also begin the “behind the scenes” work, which includes managing the construction documents, building & installation plans, placing orders for products, and pulling all necessary permits.

3. Building Your Project

At this stage, we have a set of shared expectations, a timeline, and all the preliminary plans worked out. All key players on your team shall, before the building process starting date:

  • Give the project one more detailed review.
  • Discuss all the day-to-day logistics of life during remodeling.
  • Adjust for considerations we need to be aware of while working in your home. (We dog walk and help with furry friends)
  • Review any concerns you may have about the 3D Design + Build.

We strive to keep your home clean, safe, and secure throughout the entire design-build process. Our team remains committed to your project until completion, and we aim to minimize disruption and inconvenience while your project is on going. Every client is treated like family.

4. Rest At Ease - Warranty

After planning and preparation have become a distant memory hold on to all warranties and place them in a safe location. At Mystique, your project is covered under warranty for all installed materials. Simply give us a call and our dedicated warranty specialist will respond in a timely manner, with a high level of attention and professionalism. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work at Mystique is to see the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Now that you understand our process, give us a call to set up a complimentary consultation


The Mystique Difference

Since JR and GENA put Mystique's 3D Design + Build in motion, their vision for overall client salifaction has been a fine tuning process we try to never stray from that path. Committed to the values formed in our companies history, unique 4-step process, and our continuous devotion to our clients, makes Mystique your premier remodeling company in white Oak, PA.

Client Binder

Shouldn’t all major purchases come with an owner’s manual? At Mystique, clients who develops a project with us receives a “Mystique Client Binder”, which houses great information about the finished materials used and stores all your project-related documents. There is something to be said about having everything you need before and after project completion right there at your fingertips.

Project Management

At Mystique, project management is proactive, not reactive. We don’t just get to thinking about your project between swinging a hammer or driving to the lumber yard. Our project management method is a systematized and organized process that utilizes our finest strengths. Once a construction agreement is signed, the project is slotted into our schedule. Now the fun begins, relax in peace knowing all your needs have been addressed and will be incorperate into the building process.

Next, Mystique begins to work through the logistics of building your project, creating a critical time line schedule and ordering long lead time items, as well as planning man power requirements and the proper flow of trade contractors your project will need. At Mystique, we have defined systems and procedures made to ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible.

Great project management ultimately boils down to communication. When it comes to your project, Mystique is in constant communication working out the details of your projects. If you have a question or want insight, we remain accessible to help. Not everything in remodeling can be planned, controlled or anticipated, with solid systems and procedures we can take much of the uncertainty out of the process and deliver you the project of your dreams on time and on budget.


Is remodeling fun? You might not think the two words go together, but we do! At Mystique, we bring passion and dedication to the work we do. When a client commits to build a project with us, we take that very seriously, and are constantly aware of the trust placed in our hands. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to take ourselves too seriously!

At Mystique, we feel that your design process should be fun, exciting, and invigorating. We’re thrilled when you are able to have fun, and we think it’s important to approach new or unexpected challenges with a good sense of humor, "People Who Laugh, Live Longer, and Sounds Lives".

Our Service Area:
We provide design and remodeling services throughout areas of Western Pennsylvania. We serve the areas around Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Fox Chapel, Churchill, Forest Hills, Egdewood, West Mifflin, Irwin, North Huntingdon, Murrysville, MT. Lebanon, Bethel Park, South Park, Upper St. Clair, and Baldwin.

Our Mission

To turn your home into your dream; while building value, with a fair rate and without giving up on quality.  It would be our pleasure to earn your business, showing you how easy we can add charm, style, functionality and value to your existing home. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we will create a 3D video, displaying the job in accordance with your budget and wishes before the work begins. This allows for errors to be adjusted in the computer rather than in the field. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on painstaking design changes during the building process, the computerized design allows for easy editing, and the ability to focus our time on the actual work.

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